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More experiment (6)

Before start the final piece, I did more experiment on different materials to realise more can the final piece work with the materials.

I got one piece of the postal box from my classmate, and I think the texture of the box is suitabimg_9746le to create the retro style. Therefore, I started to use lino to make the previous idea on the paper. The effect is satisfying, more unique texture when I remove the lino. As the acrylic paint was sticky when I rolled with the roller. After that, I added the song title under the design. It was not good at first, the paper stick on it as the acrylic dried, so I removed the letter and added another layer to cover it. However, it did not work out well. At last, I did not use the previous method, I directly paint on the song typography. The result is fair after the fix.

In the end of the day, I still have not decide what exactly I want to work in the final design. I want to cut out the glass for my design, but if I work with that design, I will not able to draw. Therefore, I will make up my mind by tomorrow, but it will be probably making a Poster rather than an album cover.


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