Digital affects Art

Digital Technology have already become parts of our daily life, or even a necessity. The situation of this phenomenon will continue to expand inevitably further. As a result, the work we are doing now have to evolve into the technology eventually, and it will affect the standard of creating and designing works.

From my perspectives, I am in graphic design and illustration, there are many work related to the use of modern technology such as some computer program to assist or dominate the design process. (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) They really help to reduce the production time when things need to promote in a short period of time, like having some large area of colouring and masking using different texture without using hands.

However, the technique and the skill of the individuals will limited when they rely on the technology so much, the value of a graphic designer or an illustrator will be descending because similar works can be done by different individuals and it could be finished in a fast pace.

This bring to another problem, which is the intellectual property of the designers. As the advance of the technology, media have been expanded into digital. In other words, people can share and exhibit their designs on the internet and receive commission online, which is commonly use now. As a result, some people may steal the design when the owners do not take enough awareness to the evidence that the works are created by them.

Nevertheless, people can get more inspiration and techniques from the internet than just going to the gallery will a limited of art displayed. These help individuals to develop more on their creative works which can get more further opportunities.

For me, I prefer using tradition printing and drawing line art by using hands. It gives a texture that the computer program is difficult to imitate and I really like the texture having between different medias and the kinds of paper, which is intriguing. On the other hand, the digital technology is useful to creating texture more “accurate”, like symmetric shapes.

Overall, the digital development is unstoppable for the world’s needs. But the advanced digital also requires traditional technique to refill each others’ downsides.

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