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Final piece development (7)

Before lunch break today, I finally decided what work I would do. It might be a cliche, but I want to do poster after I finished my draft. However, I want to make it more interactive, and it is more flexible as it will not just an still artwork. Is not saying still artwork is not good, but I want to add more information than just one picture. Or it is the aspect I need to improve, which using one artwork to sum up the whole topic.

As looking at Phoebe’s experiment gave me inspiration, I did an little test before I start my final work. It is the concept of the waterfall card, to change picture one by one frame while pulling the paper slip. I was quite stressed yesterday as I could not develop any idea from my previous tests. However, today I tried the waterfall and went to buy some paper, it was quite expensive, for me. But I can use it next time, so it is not a big problem.

At last, I think I will combine some of the test and idea before to finish my poster.


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