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Final stage/ Bibliography (F57)

Got my comic printed, but I did not take it as it is too far away and I was kind of busy with my Bibliography. Therefore, I will take it tomorrow morning, I hope it will turn out great. I am excited about it.

These two days I did all the gifs, but that was frustrating. The reason was that now of my animated gif original data was lost along to making process, although I convert it gif out from Photoshop, I could not edit them again as I wanted to make it two pages in one image file. Leads to the result that I have to remind on just one page for one image.

Anyway, I will get it fix before the submission day. Today, I mainly did bibliography of my secondary research after I went to the printing shop. Honestly, I do not like to do the bibliography but I did it anyway. And I have to move on to the Evaluation of my FMP.



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