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WHOLE Layout (F56)

I did change everything for the cover, I thought of many things about the cover on Saturday. It was because that orange mosaic did not match the whole style of the comic entirely, which made it looks weird and not consistent.

Therefore, I redrew the cover with various materials on Saturday. The previous idea of the portrait of Miguel (the main character) was applied again since it made more sense.

I was pretty proud of the whole effect I did, as I did not try pastel very often. Although it was not perfect, I scan it into the computer edit them anyway.


Today, I did not work much, I did my whole cover design by expanded it into 2 pages so that I did not need to try of the back cover and kept the same style of the front cover. As I did not think an appropriate back cover design yesterday. I later layout the whole layout of the comic book into Adobe InDesign and tried to export as PDF, I was not sure about the bleed and other things. My tutor told me to consider the exhibition for the gif, whether it will be a PDF of gif (if possible) or just use Preview on the Mac as it is the only way to show gif. file in movements in Mac default.


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