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Cover art (F55)

Finally, the deadline is coming close, just one week left that we will have to submit all the things. However, many things have not done, I am not stressed since the most important part is done. Therefore, I did some more sketchbook work about my idea development and start to do my cover.

I bought a bottle of glue, not knowing how to open it and ended up cutting too much of the bottle and it could not be closed. I applied them on a coloured paper with the draft of font I did. The whole idea was from the street sign in Macau, that the upper part was Chinese and the lower part was Portuguese. I used knief to cut tiny tiny bits of orange skin. And I applied on the paper as I testure with my draft. The process was not too fun as I spent the whole afternoon to do it. Yet, the result is quite not bad, I scanned on the computer and edit it tomorrow.


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