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More experiment with ORANGE/ Final. work with corrections (F54)

As I have finished my comic pages, I want to get some check before I go to the printing shop to print and bind as a comic books. Indeed, I need to design my cover pages and other minor pages (page before each chapter).

My tutor check the grammar of the dialogue and found that I have many minor mistakes on each page. Some of the mistakes should not even there in my level. Therefore, I am thinking about my C&CS essay, there must be some grammatical mistakes that I did not notice though I did check before I handed in.


I left the mistakes and corrected them after class because I wanted to design my comic cover first. I first had some idea focused on the portrait of the characters, but it could make a clear sense as I want to shoe the places in Macau, the atmosphere on it. Therefore, I changed my idea and surfed the things about Macau, the place, the people. At some point, I looked on the ground in Macau, the pavement. The mosaic from Portugal built when we were colonised. So, I developed it and made the mosaic with orange.


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