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Experiment with ORANGE/ DRAFTS (F53)

Before taking the comic pages to print, I needed to be checked by my tutors first in order to prevent major mistakes and waste of money.

Also, I have to do my cover design and the pages between chapters. I started my idea way back during my comic making process. I just wanted to do in a blank page with a quote from my interviewee when I was interviewing with others. I tried to print a blank orange-coloured page out and I did not find it interesting. Therefore, I started on thinking going back to traditional technique, I created a page of A4 paper with orange acrylic (mixing deep yellow and a bit of red). I used a roller to roll over the whole page and the texture was great and I wanted to develop on it.

Also, I collected some orange skin from yesterday dinner and wanted to put them into something. As they got an interesting texture with a matching relationship with my comic’s theme. I will scan on the computer and try on more effects to see if it is suitable for my content.



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