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Moving on (F52)

As I finally have finished all the comic strips for my “LARANJA”, I started on other things. Such as covers, the blank pages between chapters and GIF.

For the Gif, I did 3 pages today, as I want the gif to loop to prevent some sudden change of movement, I just focus on doing the looping action on the comic. They were hard to do, the onion skins. The onion skins kind of distract rather happing me when I was doing frame by frame. I think it was because of the brown Lin and the colour made them looked “dirty” and messy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.24.48.png

Therefore, I did not use the onion skins, I just kept moving back and forth between frames to animate the looping action. It took me a morning to finish 3 movements.

Second thing, I start to go back to do my sketchbook in order to fill as much as I can before submission day. Due to the lack of content, I am afraid the idea development will not enough if I leave it this way. Therefore, I put some more idea about how to develop the cover and contents, and I have not start to do my cover design and other minor design for the whole comic and the exhibition. My aim is to finish / almost finish a whole sketchbook.



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