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Another another day (F46)

I tried different style on life drawing, as it was nearly the end of the term, we could use more materials freely. However, I just limited to some ‘less messy’ materials such as pencil and some chalk.

In the afternoon, I continue my comic in a slow speed because I was stuck in the idea of my the storyline, as I didn’t want to stick to the exact case of one of the experience I have heard from my friends. I want to change something, yet, I did not think of a reasonable storyline. Therefore, I asked for my friends for some idea. They said I should focus on the  objectives of the project, which is to tell the situation and the storyline is not the most important things to concentrate. Moreover, storyline do not need to based fully on the reality, they said. As a result, I tried to alter some things on the plot to make it less similar to that case I want to base on. I just started to try on some plot some about they got through the high school and it do not need to be too extreme.


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