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How do they read it? (F40)

In the morning, we didn’t have life drawing class, we went to the cambridge university botanic gardens to do some detailed drawing on flowers, I am glad that the weather was good in the morning, which gave a great experience and kind of chilled down from the stress I was having this week.



In the afternoon, I continue on my FMP, I did an one-on-one tutorial with Jo, she found out some points, they are not a big problem, but they will influence the reader experiment in a significant way. Therefore, I will experiment with the colour tone when I finished all the pages. Moreover, the grammatical problem. I will give my tutors to check when I finish them. If they don’t have time, I will find my friend to help me with that. As the target reader for this comic is more on english reader, which grammatical problem will interpret the experience for readers.

螢幕快照 2017-05-05 下午10.10.52.png


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