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Nothing special (F39)

The main thing I did today was continue to draw the comic and I finished 10 pages by now, still have 5/6 to go if I drew 60 pages. Moreover, as I want to use full colour on the first few pages or the first pages of every ‘chapter’, I am thinking of different style, yet, something similar to show.

And street view is so hard to draw but I am pretty proud of the street view I have done so far, though they look like a lazy version of the whole thing.Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 16.43.17.png

I tried to find some street view from memories and photo online to see how I put those characters on them in order to reveal the atmosphere.

Also, we are required to prepare a poster design or thing for our FMP, I will ask more detail tomorrow and it is said that it would not consume much time.



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