C&CS Studies Pt.3 (8)

LGBT+, which stand for Lesbian (L), Gay (G), Bisexual (B), Transgender (T) and beyond. They are some of the minorities in the entire population, and alike to other minorities, people within the community has been being criticised, attacked because of different reasons from history to present. Therefore, LGBT+ people need something to make them stand in the society, to be promoted or educated. On the other hand, for art, it can do so many things, you can use it to express your personal feelings, or you can apply art on discussing world issues. From working art for oneself to the whole world and beyond, therefore, can art also be an aid for people? As artists’ works aim to deliver messages to the audience regardless for the sake of themselves or others.

So this article aims to look more on how art, such as projects and products, helps these minorities. And some of the art projects will be revealed as examples no matter they are for the LGBT people themselves or for the people outside the community, because people still need knowledge in order to have more understandings and respect.


First of all, there was a tragic event happened last June, which was the mass shooting in a gay club in Orlando, United States, entitled ‘Pulse’. Marc Andreyko, the organiser of the book ‘LOVE IS LOVE’, felt unbelievable and nauseated by the fact of how did it actually happened. After that, he started to organise a comic in order to fund for the event and raise awareness rapidly. He mentioned ‘I just started asking people, and people started asking me … the list of creators is insane.’ There were over 250 creators from different kinds of people came to help for the production of the comic and it was overwhelming. (Ching, 2016)

I bought the book for the research of my Final Major Project, but also I wanted to show support to the community. And after that, the result was excellent. According to The Washington Post, the comic reached the New York Times’ bestseller list for graphic books. They even literally raised $165,000 and helped the victims in the Pulse’s shooting, which means so much for them and towards other people to acknowledge the event and the struggle of the LGBT+ community in order to diminish the hate and raise allies for the group through understanding. (Cavna, 2017)


Speaking of understanding, I will discuss about education on the other hand. In my perspective, through educating people, they will understand the knowledge and being less opposed. However, without some aspects of knowledge, people would be ignorant and resist to the things that they do not learn or they misunderstood. When I was in high school, teachers did not talk much about LGBT+ related topics, as they were sensitive and controversial with the fact that I was in a Catholic school. Therefore, the lack of information provided result as inheriting the traditional concepts and misunderstanding.

In an article about Literature Teachers resist to teach LGBT text, it stated vary reasons that discouraged them to do so…

(The darker fonts are the words I wrote today, I finished one main body today and started the second one.)



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