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Comic and little things (F33)

I started on Photoshop draft today, as I did 4 pages of comic draft by hand yesterday. The starting point of the story was fine and I continued with it. 

The things that haunted me was the size of the comic and the printing problem, it was a little thing but I couldn’t help and kept thinking of it. And I found my tutor and talked about the sketchbook and this, and I finally made my decision which was A5, which I thought was quite small. But my tutor told me that you will have something for the audience to take away and the size is the a big point so I needed to move on and continue my work as I don’t have time. And at last, the work would be having some like card or stuff in order to rise awareness of the LGBT in Macau and this is my purpose. I should focus on this to make a complete final work at the end.

At the end of today, I started to rough the first few pages of the comic and the speed was good and start to tell myself to work hard.

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