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Style development/ Stressed (F32)

Despite the fact that I finished up the storyline of the comic, I still need to continue on deciding the style and the conversation between the characters throughout the story.

In the morning, therefore, I started on some research on the style I want to develop and focus on it in order to have a stable vibes on the comic. As my storyline is not something euphoric, I assume the vibes will be a bit dark and I bit realistic. And the style will be the fusion of western and eastern regarding to the market demand, which western style is more preferred in this area. However, in my opinion, as the story is took part in Asian place and the style should be having some eastern style to balance it. Moreover, about the colour for the content, I am thinking about using full colour or just a few shading colour or like some manga, the first few pages will be full coloured and the following will be just black and white. These things kind of disturbed me and I will know when I start to colour.

The most problem I stressed about was the time, because I heard some classmates already started their final works and I have not. And I have a lot of works as I need to make a comic book and gif. animation for my FMP. I will try to finish as fast as I can with a good quality work.


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