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Improvement (F31)

We did a group assessment in the morning, everyone’s works were great, they are doing do at different kind of aspects. Such as primary research, artist research and ideas.

I was told to focus on more on a style in order to move on, as my sketchbook shown a lot of approaches on different style and I agree that it is not focused on a particular style though I knew what I want to do ‘in my head’. Therefore, next on, I will do some rough on my sketchbook to show my stable on particular style for my final comic book’s style. But before that, I continued the process I did yesterday, which was the idea development on some photographs I took during my high school. I made them more narrative with my characters in my story. Moreover, I developed some photos into abstract concept to see if some good idea popped out, but it didn’t work, though it was pretty for me.

In the afternoon, I told my plot to my classmates to see if it works or something and found that I made a lot of mistake on writing. So she did not understand without my further explanation, so I had to alter the information on sketchbook in order to prevent confuses. As a result, I did not start my sketches for my final story and I felt I left out a bit  and I will do after school then.


Furthermore, for the size of the actual comic, I asked my tutors, but I came to the sense that I need to figure out myself as the comic is quite personal which there is just me understand the way I want it to be. And eventually I got a lot decision to be decided by me.



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