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PLOT (F28)


This Sunday was super good, I finished on my plot. Although there are many places to develop, the overall storylines is created and I think it’s pretty suitable for my aim. My aim is to educate and show some LGBT communiity element in my hometown, in order to let people to be acknowledge the existence of LGBT people in Macau. Also, it is kind of a story to let people just enjoy.

Moreover, I did more experiment today, I did a animated gif test on Photoshop. I found it very time-consuming though I acknowledged that and I realised that animators are so hardworking and needs concentration to finish their works. Therefore, I planned to do all the story pages first, then added the gif later, in order to avoid the possibility of unfinished comic.

Also, about the style, people seems to realise the style as ‘Anime’ as they told me. I agree that, but there will become a mixture of various styles and I do not think ‘Anime’ style is not suitable for the market demand in particular situation. I think it is kind of preference that this could be the artist’s style to stand out in the crowd. And I will develop more on my style and mix them with the previous artists I did for responding and research.



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