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Storytelling/ Character development(F26)

The first day, the plan that I started to do more character development, changed to script writing. It is hard to develop character without any solid plot as the characters need to reflect their features which associated to the storyline.

Therefore, I started with something, mostly from the interview conversation and my own experience to be the basis of the storyline. And I will be hardworking to do the whole plot within a week or the idea will fly away. Besides, I don’t have time to alter the plot much, therefore, the amount of development will not be a lot, but as long there are ideas, I will do more on it.


Moreover, the gif. experiment because I need to do it, I don’t really like to record all the process as it is time consuming and need to copy and paste the picture I snapped on the screen and they do not look really nice. But I will do it anyway.

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