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Barcelona trip (F24)

This week I have been in Barcelona, Spain. I did not want to go with school as I have some exhibitions I want to go on my own. I really enjoyed the dynamic and the culture in there. Also, I did many research on my FMP topic.

I searched for some LGBT related exhibitions to develop. Such as Hell gallery and an temporary exhibition held in Two Hotel by Axel, which is a gay-friendly hotel. Although I did not talk with the people inside the gallery, I got many photos of Joan Sarria’s illustrations. They are all about the “bear” figures within the gay community, whose bodies are strong, big like a bear. I love how he illustrated them in a cute and lovely style.


Also, in the Hell Gallery, I originally just wanted to see Aitor Saraiba due to his style. But I found some printings in the gallery which related to LGBT community regardless the explicit contents. And other museums which gave me different aspects of ideas and concepts to express things and events.

Furthermore, me and my friends went to a nightclub in Spain. I like it very much, it is strange because I am not a club person. I found that people here are so nice but also passionate. And although I was in a “straight” bar, they got the diversity between gay and straight people, which was so good.

Overall, I earned a lot things from the trip. Such as experience, research and ideas, etc. Therefore, I will start my development as soon as I arrange these research on my sketchbook because I do not have much development on the project which panicked a little bit, but it will be fine.



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