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London day trip (F23)

Waking up early, ready to have a nice breakfast and took the train to London.

The weather was so good today, sunshine everywhere. I was decided to go to Tate Britain for the Queer Art exhibition, and the Mall Galleries for the watercolour works display.

During the Queer British Art Exhibition, I could take any photo as it was not allowed. I just record some information on the notebook with a few sketches. I wish they let me took photos, as it wiould be easy to annotate the works. It has recorded the art from Victoria era to the 60s era. The ideas from the implicit to the explicit. I love how the exhibition telling the stories for queer community that from a quite implied situation or works, for instances, I like the Renaissance of Venus by Walter Carne. To the explicit and the display of pride in their period, David Hockey’s works are the evidence for the confidence of the sexuality and self-identidy despite the fact that his early works were described as ‘homosexual propaganda’.

I feel such thankful and grateful about the artists who did art for who they were. Some of them even would be imprisoned as doing homosexual activities at that period. Although the situation present is so much better than before, we still need to express the queer or LGBTQ+ community to let more people to understand.



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