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Interview and responds (F21)

First of all, I finished all responds within the weekend, congrats to myself! But I have to finish edit the interview audio now to get more idea on my final storyline.

ego respond.jpg

I edit my interview audio today, I mean, I have to write the conversation out. I think it’s time consuming, but I think it will because useful, eventually.  I noticed that I was hard to listen to the audio as I record it in some non-quiet environments, and I repeated the audio for a several, then I just guess what they were saying. Also, some interviewee were using Cantonese during interview, as they could not speak. It was fine, it somehow more easy to translate as I did not need to catch it word by word, I just got the meaning and wrote it out.

This week target, I mean before the holiday, I have to finish the editing and start my development on my sketchbook for my project.



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