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Responds (F19)

Trying on different mediums can learn more through experimenting and having a pratical analysis on my artist research. Today, I did two different style of artist responds, both in digital and traditional. I finished up the work I did yesterday with more shading of shadows and adding background, which I found that traditional drawing can be easier than digital sometimes. The time consume on the computer is more and you have to sit for a long time (which traditional and move around sometimes).

I started the second respond in the morning, I used pastel and some water to make it. I tried to mix them together and the effect was not effective, yet, it sticked the colour of the pastel onto the paper. Moreover, I tried on that Korean artists’ style on her surrealism, I thought I was great, but my classmate thought it was quite scary. As the artist created the scene of her work as a dream with mystery. But I could not create the atmosphere smoothly and made it a bit messy and uneven in its vibes.

螢幕快照 2017-03-30 下午9.15.20


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