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Digital drawing (F18)

I did some digital artist respond today, I want to do it both as a respond and a experiment on using photoshop and drawing tablet.

While waiting for Rupert to asked IT department to help me to install the wacom software, I was thinking another respond on a Korean artist with surrealism. I would try on the pastel to create the respond to develop similar texture on her works.

Back to the digital drawing, I did not know whether using a better monitor or computer, the line work I did was better than before. Maybe is the reason that I am improving on digital drawing. Moreover, I was having fun on doing digital artwork, yet, the downside was that I would feel dizzy and uncomfotable to put too much focus on the screen while I was drawing the lines. Therefore, I took more break than before. And I think it is appropriate as spending  too much time on digital will have issues, though I often do that.螢幕快照 2017-03-29 下午9.31.25


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