C&CS Studies Pt.3 (2)

(This is for Feb 28th)

What is good design?

Before defining what is good design, we should know what is design in the first place. Some writers suggested that design is not just a product, it is about how we feel (Heathcote 2016). While others stated that design shows how people want things to be as everything is designed by somebody (Simmons 2009).

‘The stock answer is that good design is generally a combination of different qualities – what it does, what it looks like, and so on’ (

Therefore, a good design passes from something that is exquisitely and tastefully decorated (what is important here is who judges taste) to the more absolute judgment of a product that is legible in its construction and its function


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Simmons, R. (2009). Good design: the fundamentals. 1st ed. Design Council, p.2.





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