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Trip Week 04

On this Wednesday, we went to Imperial War Museum (IWM) in Duxford. It was a training station for the Royal Air Force (RAF). There are many collections of aircraft and historic events from the WWI to present.

相片 15-3-2017 11 31 14

Emperor’s Pride (2014), Mitsubishi Zero; Artist: Mark Waters; Giclee print
420mm x 594mm

I found this work inside the shop of IWM. I love the clear colour of the Mitsubishi Zero from Japan during WWII. It is stated that it was famous for its killing in dogfight during the wars. Regardless the truth of the war, the design that the fine colour without significant outline seems less richness, yet, powerful. Other works of Mark Waters share the similar style and I might dig more on his works and do some responds on them.

相片 15-3-2017 12 05 32

Bata Ambulance service

This Ambulance was placed in the Battle of Britain inside the IWM. During late 1940 to mid 1941, Germany Air Force Luftwaffe bombed British cities almost every night. The number of casualty was massive. Ambulance was tried to save as many life as they could. I admire the people who volunteer to save people during bombing. I chose this to explain because I think Ambulance is represented as helping and saving during the war, other than the military force that was protecting the country. I gave me more idea on symbolism and things that can represent the situation more thoughtfully.

相片 15-3-2017 11 47 24

Stampe SV-4C (1946), Designer:Belgian Jean Stampe; France; 6.9m x 2.8m

I simply like the colour of this plane, as it is blue. According to the museum, the Stampe was the most popular aircraft in European aerobatic competition during the 1950s and early 1960s. It seems light and the mobility is high by its look. And made me learn more on the structure of the plane though I am not sure whether there are significant effects on my idea on FMP.

相片 15-3-2017 13 30 06

John Watters B-17 bombardier, WWII

There were some quotes on the wall in American Air Museum. This sentence made me sorrow and thought about the fragile of a human being. Wars take away people’s life so easily that it happens over and over. It made a flash of idea of put quote on my comic with people actual conversion, which will make the story more convincible.

相片 15-3-2017 13 31 30


Last but not least, this large photography was posted beside the entrance inside the American Air Museum. US airmen were teaching Local British children during WWII, according to the museum. Old photography always gives people an atmosphere of nostalgia and somehow makes people sad about the past of time. Therefore, my project can apply old photos for this effect and gives the story more depth.





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