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Mood board (F7)

Time to start my mood board, rather than using the sketchbook, I did on coloured A3 papers. I love the effects they gave, the faded colored of yellow and pink brought out the mood for the mood board. Although I did not choose the colour for the background, I felt satisfied by the result.

Moreover, when I printed out the copy of the pictures I wanted to put on the mood board. It somehow felt kind of out of theme, I mean the pictures I used maybe too irrelevant to each other. But I think that is what mood board do, it gives different impression to develop more new ideas. Therefore, I just let it be what it looks like now.

For the end of the date, my classmates and I was discussing the question about reference for the picture, and we found out it is a huge paper work. So it will gone crazy when we are finishing our project.


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