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Theme One — LGBT (F3)

Before starting the lesson, we sat around the table and told about the ideas we thought in the past two days. Everybody had different ideas, some of them were unique and interesting to develop, such as refugee crisis from Kate, emotional cafe by Heidi and more. Mine was quite unique as it was the only topic in my group. However, the topic was too wide range that I have to narrow it, which I wrote this into my proposal.

I want to do a comic thing. I do not know it will be digital and animated or just traditional one. The story I will make it up with some interviews with my fellow classmates, who are within the community. For the second one, the theme is Music, and the detail was not decided and I need to make up my mind by next Wednesday, that is the submission day to UAL. Although there are 12 weeks and clock is ticking fast, I want to loose a bit at the beginning or I will stress out by the end of the project. Therefore, the proposals might be exactly finished by Wednesday, which I will not finish earlier this time.


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