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Evaluation on Newspaper Group Project (25)

Finally comes to the end of an project, this group had many things happen, especially the changeable member. People in and out, I mean it is not a bad thing, I think in real situation(workplace), these things often happens. Many accidents surprised us, people could not make it before deadline, or people suddenly left during the project, I try not to blame others, because as a group, we had to fix thing. For instance, this morning, one of our members could not make it, maybe we could find a better way to remake the pages instead of left them blank.

Anyway, back to my project(spreads), I did tried ink as I wanted, I did self learning and experiment more in this project. For instance, I did the analysis on different material with ink and reflected about it. Therefore, I think I did my best on experiment. Also, I changed some decision instantly, when we had added one more member in the group on the last page, as I was responsible for the content page, I had to make some changes. At last, people appreciated on my work, but the idea was developed from Kate’s cover. So without her idea, I could not make up this content page.

However, for the idea, I would like to develop more next time, the creativity needs to make up my mind. In my group, Delfina, who did the map of Cambridge, I love how she used abstract and Minimalism way to make her work. As a result, it could stand out with a lovely creation. It makes me think I can push the tiny box of my mind more further, to demonstrate the idea and messages to others.

Overall, I really grateful for our group mates when we were working together, helping and giving ideas to each others to make us learned more. To conclude, instead some issues failed us, they made us learn more and understand more on both group project and doing newspapers.


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