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The size of PDF (24)

After submitting one portfolio through website on the university, I started to do PDF for another universities. As I finished the content over weekend, I could do my own portfolio for the whole morning. I found that it is hard to achieve one of the criteria is to avoid exceed 10 MB of the whole document, I find the best quality for a low size of the file half of the morning but I could not find one, I worked through InDesign, PowerPoint, and Illustrator. As I was working on Illustrator to make the PDF as it was more user-friendly, or I just realised some of the operation in it. I think that InDesign needs more time to master to work for layout. Although it is better to do in InDesign, but I just chose Illustrator at last, as I did not want to think about it before I finished all pages.

At last, I finished it and try to something online could compress it. Fortunately, I found a website to compress it and lower than the barrier. So I can continue my presentation script for tommorrow.


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