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Portfolio editing (23)

The life drawing in the morning was far away from school, as it moved away from the King Street. I shaded many today as I did not draw much life drawing in a traditional way.

Today’s weather is good, but it was so cold, it made me felt a bit sick, maybe I caught a cold. Anyway, in the afternoon, we backed to the graphic room to do our works. Although I have not finished my Content page yet, I tried to finish my portfolio layout on each pages. I finished all, suppose, but I did not determine which will be the first page as I hardly find my art can give people a “wow” reaction when they see it. No matter is my confidence problem or it is the truth. I just put them all on the Flickr anyway, I decided it tomorrow when I am at school. I think I have to get more rest before I get seriously ill which I cannot do anything properly.


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