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The meeting we had today had settle down something, such as the cover. We think that Kate’s and Delfina’s cover design are the best among the group. As I do not think mine is great, the reason could be I did not add the title of the newspaper, at first I thought it was cool without using the word. But now, with others’ opinion. I think again, how can people know what is the title of the newspaper without the actual word in the first page.

After that, most of our think that Kate’s one is better, as it has 6 fingers to represent the group, which is more meaningful than just a beautiful layout, especially it is the collaboration newspaper.

For me, as I have finish my part(the spreads), I will do the content page. In the morning, my idea still stucked, I did not know what I would do. Therefore, I started my idea on the afternoon. Maybe I need to eat first, my idea will come second. Overall, although I did not finish my content page, I did more on my portfolio preparation.


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