Minimalism in art and in graphic design // some evaluation

As more and more designer tend to use minimalism to deliver information to people, it seems that the theme in these days is using the simplest to catch audience than visual richness in images and even art.

In this seminar, I had to prepare and research for the presentation after two weeks, for C&CS Part 2 assessment. According to my specialism, I want to work on the difference between the purpose of doing design. And I posted some source link as the research that I can use to develop my script and presentation.








Points that need to consider:

Briefly explain what is minimalism, in order to let people know what is it. I searched the website above to know more about it.

How minimalism influence through different perspective?

How audience receive the message or how they “understand” them. Therefore, I find the subjective and the objective of the art itself, which is to present the emotion and the feeling of the artist.

Whether there is anything related to Pop Art as it is commercial and aim to give message to audience but considering as art. Therefore, I found Shigeo Fukuda for the Minimalism poster, it has some Pop Art elements.

The different between art and design, using minimalism as a connection to evaluation their difference. However, as I found Shigeo Fukuda, one of his works is about anti-war, it reminds me of Picasso’s Guernica as the purpose of anti-war. In order to use different artists and graphic designers to present the idea.

Maybe a bit interpretation on their works.


After the presentation, I got some feedback from my tutor, which about the topic. Although all my work was not about Minimalism, I want to bring up the difference of art and design in their objective and subject perspectives, which Minimalism could give most of the idea from it. I would like to change my title, but when I think back, I want to enforce the point of Minimalism whether it is suitable or not, but maybe I could use a suitable example next time.

Also, the reference was quite time consuming to present all, and I found that the date is the hardest, one of the references I could try to prove the date as it could be seen at the comment section. However, I was afraid it would be a false information so I put n.d.(no date) anyway.


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