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Observation Drawing (20)

Observation Drawing held on every Monday morning, so we went out to draw again. I used some more colour marker than last time, to see how I handled those materials. We went to McDonald to look at people. I think Starbucks would be a better place, but my classmates and I did not want to walk so far, and there were raining, we settled in the McDonald.

Marker was good, giving more dynamic, maybe because of the colours. Also, I used Mocha to draw, I have used coffee to draw before. But I want to try more, with a wood stick. I do not know why I want to use wood stick recently, but I think it something I can develop my skill on.

In the afternoon, we had a workshop to print layer by layer, I don’t remember the technical name for it. But I worked on this on my last project, the Song brief. To use acrylic to paint on the cut layers of the original image. It was interesting, but cutting from pictures was exhausting.  My index fingers went numb when I was doing it, however, the painting part is fun, thinking of the colour and layers. The result was great, but I screwed up at the beginning when I cut the tree, it was too complicated and I cut the wrong part.


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