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Draft drawing in real situation (16)

In this morning, rather doing the newspaper project, we went to the street and cafe and started to draw things around them. With an new sketchbook, and a fine liner.

At last, I went to Starbucks, with my green tea latte, start to observe people and surrounding. Although I did it during the holiday trip, I felt a bit nervous when people is around where they can see and think of my drawing. The point is to be confidence, and having fun. However, I did not know if it is Monday, people had to get to work, there was just a few people in the cafe, such as businessman, parent with babies and kids. I found it was interesting with some conversation between parents and kids. I felt fun to draw at them, and listening to what they were talking about.

img_0624-1Also, I saw people wondering about inside the mall. One of them was talking to phone, and walking around, which remind me when I was talking to phone, I always walking around the house and my sister would shout at me to stop it. Therefore, I found it is intriguing to find something from others which would relate to ourselves.


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