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Newspaper group project (13)

After a 2-weeks holiday, coming back with a tired torso, as I travelled a lot places during holiday. I did not have much time on my own to think more about university decision and my own project. However, I drew as much as I can during the trip. And when I was in Portugal, I first tired to draw in public. It was kind of achievement for me as I did not have much confidence on my own drawing. Drawing in public can take advantages such as directly observe real object, draw and examine. Although I did not take my works like something can be official published, but I can give myself some confidence to work on.

Back to the new project, it is a group project to do a newspaper. With some specific topic and learn how to work as a group as there are many chance to do something like this when we are working. This week I was nominated as an art director, but I do not think I can be useful on the style and art of the newspaper at the beginning. It is because everything need to be clarify, such as the content, theme of different topic inside the newspaper. Therefore, the editor is more important in the first week, in order to develop a clear direction of the newspaper about its topic and arrangement of the content.

Moving on to my own topic, which I have 2 pages to work on my topic, which is about Shackleton’s Journey. Therefore, I went to the Scott Polar Institute to do some primary research. I think the information is useful, but the items in there could not be a solid primary research, more like a secondary. The result is that many photo of the event is on a electronic device to display, I am not sure if it can be count as a primary resource as it looks like I can find them online.


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