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Finish poster and portfolio analyse (11)

I finally finished the song visual design today. I mainly edited some flaws of the posters, like some area with white spaces, I had to paint them. Also, the result of smoothing the stiffed motion of the feather/puller is better than yesterday. As I use UHU to stick the diverged edges to prevent it stuck while pulling it.

Also, adding the header of the poster. Since I did not want to directly to add the song title on it. I wanted to make it more like a promotion poster for the showgirl Lola. So I wrote “Tonight is LOLA at Copacabana” in Spanish. As it was somehow like took place in Cuba, which official language is Spanish. I use the translator and became “Esta note es Lola en Copacabana”, which I think it makes more sense.

In the afternoon, I gave the works I did to Jo for some reviews and advices for the portfolio. I found that some life drawing I did not satisfied can be put in the portfolio, and vice versa. I think the reason is that the “unsatisfied pieces” shows different technique and tools rather than plain drawing. Tomorrow, before the holiday, I will scan the work on the computer and edit them and start to arrange.


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