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Installing poster (10)

After finished the 4 small paper paintings on Monday, I continue to stick them on the waterfall long paper. However, as I trimmed a little of the 4 paintings, the result changed when I tried on installing on the poster. The paintings were too long than I could not pull all the way through. Therefore, I left as the result was not too bad. I will set the limit of the pull area tomorrow.

Also, the feather, which is the puller, the edges of the paper always make it stiffed. In order to solve it, I might smooth the edges tomorrow also. I have learned that there are always some “little” accidents happen during the process of art, I think the main point is not to always focus to avoid the “mistakes”, it could be a chance to turn something fresh and new. I still do not know how can I transfer the “accidents” into another idea. I hope I could figure it out before Chrismas in order to finish the poster. As I will travel in the holiday which I do not have places and keen materials during the journey.


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