C&CS Review (Part I)

In these 3 and a half months, I have learned and read more about the different kinds of period, style and artists. I have gained a wider view on the art industry and its development than before, as I did not have any contextual studies before.

Overall, I have learned art is a different meaning and perspectives for different people, like their minds. The artist may think this is the concept, but audience received it will change their “definition” and look this from their basis of their concept. Therefore, no right and wrong is the main thing that I have learned on C&CS.

In conceptual Art and performance art, they giving ideas and concept to people using different media, which is intriguing to me. For instance, Joseph Beuys’ I like America and America likes me in 1974 give me a strong impression. I like how he spread the message in an alternative ways beyond words and voices. Protesting the event of people invaded the inhabitants of America.

One of my favourite styles or period, is the Pop Art. The main reason could be they are more on graphic, alike to what I am specialising, illustration. Also, I love how it expresses the feeling towards wars and mass production, like the Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein in 1963. Although the topic of wars mentioned throughout the art history, such as the Dada, Pop art themes gave me a more impression on what the art can be used as protest. It is because the mass production leads to a more wider audience with the digital technology has been developing nowadays. More people can know the news and things faster than before.

However, there are downside which people will easily forget what had happened as many things happen continued. Furthermore, the promotion of anti-war are still going on as long as the wars in the world still happening. It is really sad that people still do think war is one kind of things that normal happen in the world. And people like me, living away from the war zones do not show enough awareness and be grateful to the happiness that we are within.

Finally, in illustration aspect, these lessons helped me knowing more things can be use rather than just pencils and pens. Also, knowing more aspect opened my idea development on many kind of things.


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