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Continue on the project (9)

After some UCAS final desicion, I continue the project by painting the 4 small paper for the waterfall card effect.

I was not sure what style should I apply, as a clearly demarcated colour tone or a blended one. At last, I want it be more retro, so blending is the desicion, and I want to use acrylic paint rather than watercolour. This is my 3rd time using acrylic, I think I have improved the colour control and the blending between colour. The whole painting appeared well coloured. However, the papers are quite small, and well I want to add the detail, I did not have a tiny brush to make a tiny stroke. Therefore, I did not do the deatil on my showgirl’s face, I just use tone to express. The result is not the best, but it turned out it alright.

At last, I hope I can finish the project before Friday as I do not have time to do in holiday and earlier the better. As I have to start preparing my portfolio.


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