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Experiment (5)

This whole morning, I did the peer assessment and the experiment. I want to do a sticker to stick on the bottle to test how the idea really works. I photocopied my design and stick the tape on it, but I could not find a large tape, I just use I multiple small tapes to cover the whole idea.


After that, I put it into the water for a minute and remove the paper on the t

ape. I thought the ink would disappear with the paper but I stick onto the tape, making it like a label which cover on the glass bottle. However, though I got a glass bottle, I could not put it into the sketchbook. So I use a plastic at last, giving the similar effect.

Therefore, I knew that we have to think more further to the usage of materials, as some kind of materials may unable to represent in the actual situation. The flexibility of the use of materials could be considered when experimenting.

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