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Changing lyric into design (2)

It’s hard to follow all the lyric in order to become an illustration. Therefore, while I keep want to stick with all the lyric, I chose some essential and enough to present the story of the song to develop my idea. I drew 10 sketches about different things, not just person. I think glass with drinks and the showgirl Lola are important. I focused on these two for research. Although yesterday I wanted to go to the club for some primary research as background, I just find glass for primary research as I think the background is not the main point according to my idea. It does not mean bar is not important, it is just I want to do more on little object to present the story than a large area or background.

In the afternoon, I noticed I needed to do artist respond as well, or I finally know what is a artist respond like, as I did not do much before. Therefore, I used the artist I found interesting before and try the style, how the colours are used. It was hard to control on Ai(Illustrator), after I had been struggling for half and hour, I hand drawn them instead.


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