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Illustration from Music (1)

The first of Graphic design and Illustration specialist started today. We have a 2 week project, which make a illustration or a graphic for a particular song. I picked “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow. It is a upbeat song with a tragic story to work with. Therefore, I researched some relevant period style and colour in this morning, as I did in the previous rotations. But I am struggle about how to present the primary research. As it is in the bar, I may go to some bar for some research as long as it can photograph.

In the afternoon, we had our visual studies, using different colour as tone in an object. I found out I did not work what I wanted after I started to draw. I drew the image too small, some details, such as the rib cage, were too complex which make the picture became abstract. But it can be developed into something looks good regardless of my expectation.


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