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Evaluation on Moving Image rotation

In this rotation, I worked on both real action video and animation. Both are challenging, but working on digital is more frustrated as it needs long time sitting in front of the computer, my eyes got exhausted. Also, the skill of drawing digitally needs to be improved as it different from traditional drawing on the paper. It do not obtain the texture of the paper, the drawing tablet is smooth. So when I draw on it, the lines on the screen will be unstable and I have to redraw several times to make it looks nice.

Another challenging task is to catch beat with the music. As I want to do music video, some screen changes and moving will adjust according to the rhythm of the music. Therefore, timing is important, I needed to review many times to catch the change of screen match to the music. And it was related to the split layer of video and the speed of the footage, but if the music is accurate to them, I will be satisfied to watch. So I have to make it more accurate according to the timeline.

Overall, I had much good time filming and editing the video, regardless the long working hours. As my specialised subject will be Illustration for me, I hope I can add some more element of moving subject, combining the animation with illustration design. The effect will be amazing.

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