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Evaluation on animation Project 2

I nearly finish my Project 2 animation video, there are many things have learned, both the computer software and working on animation.

Project 2 fully worked on digital video making program, AfterEffect and Photoshop. It was easily got my eyes exhausted while I was doing in front of the computer, so rest is needed. However, there was just one week to finish a 3 min animation, working time will be increased respectively. Therefore, I separated the work (animation in AfterEffect and comic illustration on Photoshop) to do during days. Process were more organised and effect were more significant. Finally, I could finished my video on time.

I learned a lot in AfterEffect, how the time works along with the effects, it was frustrating at first minute and I got used to it and working in a faster pace. However, rendering is another annoying obstacle, waiting the video to be converted consumed time. Therefore, when I do another video in the future, rendering time should be considered if I make a schedule.


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