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Working on animation

Getting my drawing done, today mostly of the time at school I focused on making the video, I learned different effect on the Aftereffect that i can work with. Timing is still a challenge but I get more used to it along the way of production. Therefore, the front part of the video will be slightly clumsy, I will adjust it if I have time before submission.Another thing that I think I have improved is digital drawing, the blending and shading. As it is not drawing on things physically, I cannot get the texture on the surface. But the stability of drawing lines is improved, it also helps me on my traditional drawing skill.

I used my storyboard into my rough of a comic for the song. Therefore, I will be many moving picture. Also, this is a music video, I want things to move along the beat, it is complex to catch up every beat, I have to keep reviewing in a slow pace in order to check if it is accurate. And it is really frustrating when it renders the video frame by frame, you will listen the music play “frame by frame”, which is annoying. Therefore, I looked for the time of my video with another window for my music, and work with the mp3 file together without using the one dragged into the Aftereffect, the process was more smooth and less trouble.


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