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Story for Project 2

Prior to any research and development, we represented our idea toward our group in the morning. Classmates having different idea on animation and real action for their story, I like how diversity of film we are going to make, I am excited to see others’ works.

Afterward, we research for more idea to develop. I was planning to do real action video when I first started the rotation, but I changed my idea and mind to do a full animated music video. And I even changed the song for my video, the project changed rapidly when I found that recreate a music video will be lack of originality. Therefore, I was brainstorming in the morning and keep research. I found that looking back from photo I took is useful as I could have some primary research to support my idea toward a more complete development. I changed the song from “What’s gonna be” to “halcyon”, it’s two different  music genre and emotion, therefore needs to be some new research in another direction.

In the afternoon, I started my storyboard, it is difficult to form a good plot from imagination, inspire of the fact that there is background story in the song. I tried to convert it from the combination of the original myth and the meaning of the songwriter. I hope the story will work well with the music when I start doing it.


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