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End of Project 1 and the start of Project 2

I focused on the effect on my Project 1 movie in the morning, mainly in the animated sector. I have learn how to colorise and moving filter on top of the clip by change the mode of the layers, such as “add” and “multiply”. The time and the opacity are difficult to be accurate between the transition of the real action video and animated clip. Also, the background music also needs to be considered. And I finished up the video and rendered it before lunchtime.

In the afternoon, we reviewed on classmates’ video and I really like everybody’s work. And I think the smoothest one was Debbie’s. She just used illustrator to finish the video frame by frame, and the colour usage is very bright, so the result is great. Joy’s one is stop motion, with the good expression on the dead object while teaching us how to make French toast, the sound effect are on point. Therefore, I think it is fantastic and it looks well done without huge problem.

For me, I think thing needs to be improve of my video is that the dynamic of the video as it is plain. But it can be a style as some films do not contain a huge climax to attract audience, and a stable dynamic can create another feeling to the audience such as resonance from daily life.


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