Performance and Installation Art

Alike to the idea of Conceptual art and Land art, art is not just painting and drawing on a canvas or surface, it is more than that. Artists have been working on different media and even their body as the “canvas”. Using a contemporary interaction with the audience to make them think, understand and discussion about issues happening in the world.


Doris Salcedo — Shibboleth  2007-08

opened up a giant crack in the floor of the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern

Source: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jF8hWkP1tMc/maxresdefault.jpg

Cracking in the floor looks more like a disastrous situation, but Doris Salcedo worked on a large crack as an art piece. It could be terrified and panicked if people did not known it was an artwork. In contrast, audience would be considered as this was playful and interesting to investigate with when it came as an art object, which given the crack a totally different meaning. Also, it gave illusion to the audience that the building of Tate Modern is strong even when there is a giant crack on the floor.


Carol Schneemann — Interior Scroll  1975

Source: https://fineartmultiple.com/media/product/225/interior-scrollcsc-21-1441210601-7-80c.jpg

This is the Performance Art, using body as language, without any needs of gallery, just pure artwork. One of Carol Schneemann’s performance was to pull a tiny folded paper from her genital and read aloud the context. This performance was about a interpretation of gender traditional expectation. Back then when women did not get a chance to vote, or even after that women can it is still the “weaker” part towards another gender. As a female artist, she tried to explain the character of women and how the society expectation was, for the propose of feminism.

“I didn’t want to pull a scroll out of my vagina and read it in public, but the culture’s terror of my making overt what it wished to suppress fueled the image”, she mentioned on an interview.

Reference: http://hyperallergic.com/232342/forty-years-of-carolee-schneemanns-interior-scroll/


Joseph Beuys — I like America and America likes me  1974

Source: http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0200/7124/files/joseph_beuys_i_like_america_b_kidsofdada_article_grande.jpg?2969819222215379437

Beuys once went to New York and stayed in a room for 3 days with a wild coyote without any contact to American soil. The coyote attitude changed during the time, from cautions to friendly at last. The performance protest that European chased away Native North American when they first arrived the land of America. The coyote was a god travel between physical and spiritual world for Native American. Therefore, the behaviour of the coyote symbol the healing from the invade in America. This piece gave people a reflection on the event.

Reference: http://www.kidsofdada.com/blogs/magazine/35963521-joseph-beuys-i-like-america-and-america-likes-me

Art needs audience, and making them understand is essential, as giving messages to them and have something on their mind. Therefore, regardless of the capitalism, I think that illustration also requires messages to audience, alike to pure art. For instance, promoting a global warming caution to remind people to protect the environment, which performance artist may perform a memorable action to let people remember. For illustrator will create poster to caution people to protect. The means are different, but the end is the same.


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