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After Effect

Sitting in front of the computer summed up what I did today. Indeed, I almost finished up a 2 min animated video using After Effect, which it is new to me, I have not really used a voice editor in my secondary school, although I had many filming project back then.

Mainly I did all my background drawing and animation by frames on Photoshop, as my last blog had mentioned. Afterward, I dragged the document into the composition(project document) on the AE (After Effect). I have learned that it is hard to waiting for the video to buffer complete and smoothly when editing, since it led to many inconvenient. Also, the background is one of the things I am satisfied on, it looks detailed and I built it by pieces and pieces of reference and research because I could not fins the photo of my whole street that I went to school in Macau

I also took a look at others process of doing the video. Phoebe’s is amazing, she just used paper and pen to draw over 90 piece of papers as frames of pandas dancing. And Autumn’s is alike to be that using Photoshop for animation, but she added it on the real footage, and her linking between clips is smooth. With the addition of some decoration on the clips, it looks professional and well done.

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