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The main aim today is to complete storyboard, and because it just a short video, it just take a morning to finish the storyboard. Although storyboarding a real footage do not need a lot of detail, I make some detail on it as I also need to animate some of the footage.

Another thing I noticed when I drawing the storyboard, was that you have to think the detail of how the camera work when people actually filming. Therefore, note should be make beside the drawing to remind people who are filming.

In the afternoon, I work more on the sketchbook for concept art and more research on the street in Macau, and I am satisfied with more research as the detail of the street can be drawn more delicate. After that, I borrowed a Graphic tablet to draw one of the background  that using an image from Google Map as reference. It is difficult to control the boldness of the lines using tablet that using hand, so it was tired when I finished the background.

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